Trends in Aesthetics

Non-Invasive procedures have seen a massive jump from last year. The largest growth was in non-surgical skin tightening which has risen 58% according to the latest ASAPS survey. Non-surgical skin tightening has been a difficult procedure to promote in the past with much of the treatments not getting significant results and therefore patient satisfaction with the procedures was low. Due to the recent advancements and the wide acceptance of Radio-Frequency and CO2 technology, practitioners are comfortable promoting the procedures and are confident in the results they can attain.

Overall, the market is strong with hair removal, tattoo removal, and intense pulsed light treatments all seeing a 30% of greater jump in procedures year over year. 2015 marked the first year where non-surgical procedures topped the $5 billion mark which was an increase of $1.4 billion from 2014.

So who are the patients requesting these procedures? According to the ASAPS 40.6% of the non-surgical procedures we on patients 35-50 years old. Many younger patients are opting to start these procedures early with the goal of not having to opt for surgical solutions in the future. With the new shift in demographics, it is expected that the growth will continue.



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