About Us

Welcome to Saratoga Technologies, LLC.

Established in 1994, Saratoga Technologies, LLC. provides successful aesthetic solutions for physician’s offices, worldwide. With proven experience, dedication, and unrivaled passion, Saratoga Technologies researches and invests to offer best-in-class aesthetic medicine solutions, today and tomorrow. Our customer service foundation ensures that the physician comes first, while focused on accommodating and exceeding your expectations.

With staff located across the United States, Saratoga Technologies is continually expanding and readjusting to ensure clients have the most effective and profitable technologies in place for patients. In addition, comprehensive marketing consultation services enable you to build or expand your practice efficiently and effectively, to ensure a timely return on your investment.

Saratoga Technologies has the experience and technology to help you establish and/or grow your practice and welcomes the opportunity to partner with you, for years to come, as you embark or continue on your aesthetic medicine journey.

Understanding the impact that adding aesthetic medicine has on your practice, we’ve given ample consideration to these key components below:

This is why you should do business with Saratoga Technologies, LLC.

Invest in this life-changing technology for your
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