Body Contouring

DioSculpt is a non-invasive 1060nm diode laser that utilizes body-shaping thermotherapy technology. DioSculpt targets subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve the local reduction of stubborn fat. Unlike systems that only shrink fat cells, DioSculpt eliminates the number of fat cells to achieve the preferred body shape.


• 25 minute treatment
• Results continue to improve for 6 weeks
• Adipose tissue temperature is raised to 42-47 Celsius, without damaging surrounding tissue
• Contact cooling protects skin and keeps clients comfortable
• Pain-free treatment
• No downtime
• 4 hands-free applicators to treat multiple areas at once
• Safe for skin types I-VI


Lipolysis Method Heat-assisted
Device Type Diode Laser
Wavelength 1060 + 20nm (Infrared)
Pulse Width CW
Energy Density Up to 1.8W/cm
Spot Size 4x8cm 2 on each Applicator
Total Power 230.4W
Cooling Self-contained Closed Loop
Client Attachment Belt


Before and Afters


Invest in this life-changing technology for your
practice and your patients will invest in you.